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Installation Guide


  1. Open the installer downloaded Choose 3DX pkg

  2. Follow the instructions of the installer 3DX installer

  3. Once you have completed, launch your DAW and insert the HPL2 Processor plugin


If the plug-in fails to load in ProTools

macOS 10.15 Catalina or later may require execution permission due to securiry and privacy in System Preferences. Click Open as is in the screen below.

Security and Privacy


1. Follow these steps to Extract the downloaded Zip file.

Select the 3DX zip file from the Downloads folder and click Extract All. Extract all files Windows

The files will be extracted to the Downloads folder. Extract files Windows

Double-click the extracted files and then click Extract All again. Extract all files again Windows

The files will be extracted to the Downloads folder again. Extract files again Windows

In the Downloads folder, double-click on the VST3 folder to open it. Double click VST3 Windows

The 3DX.vst3 file will be in the folder. 3DX in VST3 Windows

2. How to move the 3DX file to the destination folder.

Click on the 3DX.vst3 file to select it, then click on the destination tag. Click 3DX Windows

Click on Select Location. Process to move Windows

On the drop-down menu click on PC . A drop-down menu opens. Select PC Windows

From these options, select OS (C:) and click on it to open another drop-down menu. Select OS Windows

From the OS(C:) drop-down menu, click on Program Files . Select Program files Windows

Click on Common Files. Select Common files Windows

Select VST3 from Common Files drop-down menu, and click Go. Select VST3 Windows

Check that the 3DX.vst3 has been moved to the VST3 folder. Completed Windows

The installation is complete.