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3DXHPL2 Processor
Input/OutputSpeaker formats from 1ch up to 22.2ch
Ambisonic formats from 1st to 3rd order
For more information, see here
Input: Mono and Stereo
Output: Stereo
Features3D Panning
Ambisonic Encoding and Decoding
Binaural Output
Binauralization of Stereo Sources
Binaural ProcessorHPL Binaural Processor
optimized for spatial audio production
HPL Binaural Processor
optimized for stereo sound production
Recommended DAWsProTools, Nuendo, Reaper and other DAWs with multi-channel track supportAlmost any DAW
FormatVST3, AU, AAX (AAX is macOS only)VST3, AU, AAX (AAX is macOS only)